Vision: To motivate, mobilize and maximize human potential through customized workshops and seminars leading to personal and  professional fulfillment.

Leading With Style

A 2-day Workshop: Discover the keys to maximizing your potential. Recognize leadership strengths, weaknesses, and communication style.

Teen Pregnancy

Overcoming the Trials of Teen Pregnancy is a 2-day workshop  on how to positively impact your future despite premature decisions to be parents.

Purposeful Parenting

A 6-week Course: Our children need us to know how to lead them into a purposeful future. You will find the keys to connecting your children to the Greater Voice within them. Learn More

Dream Management

Dreams like children should not be left to manage themselves. A 2-day workshop that introduces you to your WHY in life.

How To Study Your Bible …

A 6-week Course: An experience in critical and biblical thinking. Learn what biblical writers meant not simply what they spoke.

Is There A Book Inside You?

So often we think about how much our stories can inspire others, but just don’t know where to start. This workshop will help you find your personal “story-telling voice” and show you  how to put it on paper.

Lord He Gets On My Nerves

A 2-day Workshop: Learn the keys to loving others without losing your sense of self.

Rules For the Road

A 6-week interactive course that prepares teens for the real world.   

Your Unique Self

A 2-day workshop that allows you to answer this question. Who or what is keeping me from accomplishing what I am capable of producing? You’ll never be the same!