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We went From the Hood to Harvard
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Leading With Style

A 2-day Workshop: Discover the keys to maximizing your potential. Recognize leadership strengths, weaknesses, and communication style.

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Jill, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!!! Looking back on my life, no teacher, no doctor, or administrator has given me a true sense of who I am. Having Tawana to take the test and now my grand daughter Jakayla...inspires me to have all of my sons and grandchildren to take part in this life changing experience. When I saw all of our numbers lining up individually, the light bulb went off. I am very proud of The Kinney Family. Again, THANK YOU to the max!!!

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Using a healthy balance of research, life experiences, and easy to follow verbiage “From the Hood to Harvard …” introduces you to the triumphs and complexities of parenting in the 21st Century. It helps you to recognize and uproot old paradigms that have become …

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